Why Stellis


Stellis is a boutique, focused, DC-based sales recruiting firm focused on delivering intuitive, consultative and accurate results to our clients & candidates. We lower your burden and risk while finding the best matches for positions, organizations and cultures. We’re coaches, helping our candidates find the best long-term opportunities by truly complimenting their skills, interests and experience with the best options available to them, when they are ready to make the decision. This is the only win-win approach that results in mutual success long-term. 

Our clients and candidates experience unparalleled value because we’re: 


  • Experienced subject matter experts: Having many years experience selling mission-critical technology solutions prior to recruiting for the industry, we come directly out of your markets, been in your shoes. We’re highly intuitive and accurate. Strategic, not only transactional. 
  • Easy to work with: Our job is to make yours’ easier. We streamline efforts for our clients and candidates. We reduce your time investment & risk in the hiring/interview process, not add to it. 
  • Very well networked
  • Entrepreneurial and innovative: We have unique approaches and resources to uncover new stones to find the best opportunities for the best candidates.
  • Ethical and true to our word, an invaluable business trait for successful partnerships.
  • Coaches: We are knowledgeable and real, providing a refreshing, consultative approach. We look out for the good of both our candidates and clients. We settle for nothing less than the right mutual fit, which is the only way that benefits all parties. Although many recruiters have the “quick buck” mentality, it makes no sense to force either party into a decision that isn’t right, as this will almost always result in frustration, starting over, reinvesting and losing time & money, and potentially damaging careers.
  • Top quality professionals: We’re not a “resume shop.” We really get to know our clients and candidates, not only by resume or job description keywords. We know exactly why we’re recommending an opportunity, a candidate, and why we believe we have the person for the position and culture.
  • People like us, like working with us: We have a very high success and close rate as a result of our experience, advisor approach, accuracy and value! 


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